I am sure that all of us are aware on what is on the news daily and how many people and families are unfortunate to have experienced intruders in their very own homes, and not just take away their possessions, but their lives as well. This is not a fiction or a media poll, but it really happens!

This is the main reason why people would like to set up their homes with the most hi-tech or advanced security system and perhaps – having a gun inside to protect themselves from the unwanted visitors.

But then, there are several factors that you have to consider when you want to include a gun inside your home. But then, I think the question of – “why is it important to learn gun safety” has gone obsolete. Just the same as we see the news about unfortunate families being massacred, you may also encounter news about young boys finding out about their father’s gun in the closet. Kids may not know the danger of it, and they can always commit the unwanted even if they just want to play with it, or boost about it with their friends.

The most important thing that you have to learn about gun safety is to keep your gun in a place that will never be reached by your kids who are young enough to understand the danger of it. Only allow a few members of the family to know about it, which is responsible enough to hold it ONLY when needed. On the other hand, try not to keep it in a place that is hard to reach.

Remember – you don’t have the luxury of time to get the gun if an intruder is already in your house. With this, you have to be very wise on deciding which particular place you should choose in order to safe keep you gun.

Also, try not to load your gun fully, if your intention is to scare the burglar away. This is to prevent anything to happen further, if in case one of your sons happens to see the gun lying around. But then, try to keep the ammo close and easy to reach.

In the event that you are just checking the status of your gun, or perhaps decided to clean it, make sure that it is not loaded and ready to fire. Remove all ammo if you don’t have any intention to use it.

And lastly, if you want to have a gun at home, another important thing to learn about gun safety is to make sure that you know how to handle it and make use of it. You can go to simple training sessions if your intention of using the gun is for self defense only.