The first thing that you have to know about the optimal humidity in a gun safe should be set to zero at all times. The main reason behind this is because most of the guns sold in the country are made of steel. And steel being prone to rust, even if the manufacturer says it won’t, you will have to make sure that the place where you will be storing your gun has a zero level of optimal humidity in order to prevent any kind of moisture buildup that may eventually deteriorate the quality of not just the body of your gun, but the gunpowder as well.

In addition to this, if you will not be very particular with the optimal humidity in a gun safe, you will not just put the overall quality of your gun to deteriorate, but you will also put yourself at great risk if you are going to fire it.

If you are on the lookout for the best quality of gun safe being sold in the market today, you may want to consider the Kingsbury brand. It has a very nice exterior finish that is mostly made of copper body that is also fireproof. Inside the safe, you will find several shelves that can be customized; depending on how many guns are you looking to store in. The locking system of the gun safe is also exceptional, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being able to play with it while you are not around. But then, this type of brand has long been obsolete in the current market, so it is extremely hard to find. Your best bet to find them is through online stores, or from a first owner who does not need the item anymore.

You should also be very careful when choosing the right safe for your gun to keep the level of the optimal humidity in a gun safe to zero. Don’t just settle for safes that are said to be water proof and fire proof. Check which one is sealed enough, not to let most of the air to sip in, and build moisture inside. Always remember that the walls of your safe can always react to the weather it surrounds it. It can sweat and produce liquid in no time. And if this liquid is able to pass through, because the safe is not well sealed, then you can expect that some damages may happen.

Just in case, you may also want to know that there are several products that you can use to prevent any moisture buildup inside a safe. It is usually called a dehumidifier which you can purchase in the same store where you got your gun from. Most of this item comes in a rechargeable battery pack which extends up to two months of use.