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What Are FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners?

There are new biometric gun safes coming onto the market that are pitched as FBI certified. This is good, but what does it really mean? The Government Directives and Programs HSPD-12, or Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, was issued on August 27th, 2004. This directive pushed the Federal Government to adopt a set of standards for […]

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Kaba’s New Biometric Safe Lock System

According to, Kaba has put out a new biometric access system that can be used to add biometric access to new or existing systems. This works in a pretty straightforward way, the users validate their fingerprint and then enter a pin, the combination of the two gives access to whatever the system is protecting. […]

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Creative Ways to Hide Your Firearms

I was thinking about ways to hide firearms today, and I realized that there are probably tons of creative ideas out there already on the Web. Sure even, that realization became true with just a quick web search. The first thing I found was a great article that listed 40 unique places to stash firearms, […]

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A Cleverly Obfuscated Biometric Safe

I’m always a believer in using obfuscation to help with security. If you are trying to hide something, why not make it look like something else? That’s why I like the looks of this safe. Is it a safe? Is it a radio? It’s both. I doubt many people, in casual passing, would notice that […]

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Are Biometric Scanners Safe To Use These Days?

Being secured is one of the most important factors that we all should consider either at home or at work. With the popularity of the biometrics scanners nowadays, a lot are getting quite interested to have them in their own homes, or perhaps business (if they run their own as well). But the question of […]

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Why Is It Important To Learn Gun Safety?

I am sure that all of us are aware on what is on the news daily and how many people and families are unfortunate to have experienced intruders in their very own homes, and not just take away their possessions, but their lives as well. This is not a fiction or a media poll, but […]

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New Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

We have just finished published our newest biometric gun safe reviews. We reviewed a top opening BARSKA biometric safe, the GunVault GVB1000 and GVB2000 biometric safes, and a wall mounted Secure Logic safe for those that are looking to mount a safe within a wall. The BARSKA safes are still pretty top notch, we really […]

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