Biometric gun safes make it easy for you to access the contents of the safe without having to keep track of a key.

People that buy a biometric gun safe like the fact that they can access the gun (or any contents in the safe) in the dark, without having to dig up a key. This is what is appealing about these safes, easy access to the contents, even in tight situations.

These safes can be used to store anything, really. Many people buy them for guns, but they can be used to store any items that need to be secured in a locked safe.

How does a biometric gun safe work?

They are fingerprint based, so they read and save your fingerprint as a unique identifier to you. All you have to do is place your thumb on a scanner and you can gain access to the safe.

The technology on these types of safes is getting pretty good, and there are few models out there that are considered the “best”.

What is a measure of good quality in a gun safe?

First of all, accurate fingerprint reading is a big factor. In lesser quality models, the fingerprint readings can sometimes be inaccurate or tough to work with. You may need to swipe your thumb several times before the safe opens, which can be annoying if quick access is a must. A good quality safe will have an accurate fingerprint reader that allows you to access the safe without the frustration of multiple swipes.

Another good measure of quality is the overall build. Do the doors close smoothly and sit flush in their openings? Will the safe stand up to abuse?

We cover many other factors as we look at the top biometric gun safes, read our biometric gun safe reviews to learn more about the details. If you want to see how each model we review stacks up against the next, check out our biometric gun safe comparison chart. If you are going to buy one of these safes, we will give you a good overview of the stuff to pay attention to. Read on and enjoy!