Let’s face it, many people like to have a handgun in the home for personal safety.

If you have an intruder that you need to fend off, easy access to your handgun is going to be important. Why?

Because you will need to think quickly and because you will be caught off-guard.

Nobody can predict a home invasion or burglary, it’s just not something that you can see coming. At least most of the time. So you need to understand that if you need to get your handgun to protect your home, it’s probably going to be at a time when you least expect it.

When that time comes, will you be able to get quick access to your handgun?

What if you keep your gun locked in a safe that requires a key to gain access? If that is the case, you will need to first find the key, then get the gun, then fend off the intruder. You may find that in a moment of panic that you may not even know where the key is. What if the key is downstairs, and you are upstairs? You will have to navigate through your house, find the key, then open your safe, then get the gun. That’s not what you want to be doing when you should be focusing on staying hidden or concealing your location in the house.

If you have a biometric gun safe in your home, all you need to open the safe is your fingerprint. This makes access very easy, yet it’s still very secure.

If you need to keep your gun hidden away from kids, you’ll know the importance of the security part.

Now imagine this. An intruder comes into your home, and you hear glass shattering and other disturbing noises from your bedroom. You are groggy. You simply need to gather your thoughts enough to roll out of bed quietly, go over to your closet where you keep the gun safe, and swipe your finger. And now you have your handgun. You did not have to fumble around to find keys, which could have made noise or caused you to require much more time to get your gun.

Does that sound like a preferable situation to be in if your home is being invaded? I like the sound of easy gun access, which is why I really like the concept behind a biometric gun safe.