A common question that we get is “where can you get best price on the Barska biometric safe?”

Most people are referring to the one we covered in this Barska biometric safe review.

So, where can you get the best price?

We’ve seen some deals at the local level every now and again, if you can find a place that sells this safe. But for consistently good pricing options, check out online retailers.

Online, we can’t vouch for who has the best price for sure, since prices change quite a bit and there are always shipping factors involved.

But, we like to recommend checking out Amazon to see what they have for pricing. Quite often shipping can be had for pretty cheap too, sometimes free in the right circumstances. In our opinion, those are two good reasons to check them out.

Another thing that stands out about this question is that we never really get too many inquiries about the other safes we’ve covered. The Barska must get a lot of attention from those who have checked a few safes out and are ready to make a purchase. For good reason, I guess, it’s a pretty solid biometric safe, no doubt about that.