If you are looking for the best fingerprint gun safes available for home use, we have some info that will help you find what you are looking for.

We have reviewed four of the top gun safes that can be accessed by swiping your fingerprint. These are technically called “biometric gun safes”. They use biometric identification to give access to the contents inside.

The best biometric gun safe that we looked at is a gun safe made by Barksa. This gun safe has the largest amount of happy owners, and it is known as a very high quality safe with fingerprint accessibility. This is not specifically made for handguns but it is probably one of the better fingerprint safes available for handgun storage. It is light, roomy and can be mounted.

Another top safe that we reviewed is a fingerprint gun safe by 9g Products. This is a versatile safe that is commonly used for handguns. It is both lightweight and roomy, and it can be bolted down for added security, much like the Barska.

The LockSAF fingerprint gun safe that we reviewed is a top-opening gun safe, this is more sized specifically for a handgun. It also is very lightweight and roomy, and can also be mounted or secured in place using the mounting holes on the bottom.

The last one that we reviewed was the GunVault biometric gun safe. This is a handgun-specific safe that is designed to secure and protect a handgun of any size. Gunvault has sort of a hit-or-miss reputation but there are many people that are happy with this safe, so we thought it would be worth doing a review.

If you want to learn more about any of these safes, be sure to follow the links above to read the reviews. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these options, the decision maker for you may simply be “how much do I want to spend?”.