The Best Biometric Gun Safes

Our biometric gun safe reviews take a look at the positives and negatives of each safe. Buyer comments give great insight into how well something is going to work.

Our Biometric Safe Reviews

Learn more about each model by reading the reviews below. You should get a pretty good idea of how these safes stack up against each other by quickly reviewing the info on these pages, at a minimum.

LockSAF biometric fingerprint safe 2 Review: The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe - If you have valuables or firearms that you want to secure behind a locked door, but you also feel that you might need quick access to those items, you should consider ordering the LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe. Easy to program using your fingerprints, and just as easy to open, this unit will handle your security needs for your most important documents, jewelry, or other valuables. This biometric gun safe will safely keep weapons out of reach of children and yet it will still allow you to get to them quickly if any threat occurs.
Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Pistol Gun Safe Review: The GunVault MVB500 Biometric Pistol Gun Safe - People who keep a hand gun in the home have a responsibility to secure that weapon behind a locked door or drawer, particularly to keep children from accessing it. The GunVault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe is an ideal safe in which to secure a weapon and the ammunition that goes with it. Featuring biometric technology to open and solid construction to resist tampering, this safe is bound to be a welcome addition to many homes where children live. Your fingerprint is what opens this safe and you can code up to 30 fingerprints into its computer system. That means that you can authorize other people to access the safe, too.
BARSKA-Biometric-Safe Review: The BARSKA Biometric Safe - Optical technology comes into play for storing your valuables or firearms when you choose the Barska Biometric Safe. This compact but powerfully constructed safe provides the ultimate in home security for those items that you want to keep securely locked away. And yet it provides quick access whenever the need arises, and that access comes at the touch of your finger. A biometric fingerprint scanner is coded to accept only specific fingerprints, limiting access to the safe's interior to only those people that you authorize.
9g Products Inprint Biometric Fingerprint Safe 2 Review: The 9g Products Biometric Fingerprint Safe - Anyone who keeps cash, expensive jewelry, guns, or other valuables in their home may experience moments of worry when they leave the house each day. Hiding important items under the bed or inside a lingerie drawer aren’t the smartest ideas. If you want to intensify your sense of security when it comes to your valuables and firearm security, consider storing all of those items inside the 9g Products INPRINT Biometric Fingerprint Safe. This strong, technologically advanced safe is roomy enough for everything that is of value to you, plus it makes a secure place to lock away weapons. With this unit, you won't have to worry about your most precious treasures when you leave your home ever again.
Secure Logic 20700 Biometric Wall Vault Review: Secure Logic 20700 Biometric Wall Vault - The Secure Logic 20700 Biometric Wall Vault is designed to keep your valuables well-protected. This is mostly thanks to its super strong stainless steel construction and sophisticated biometric fingerprint recognition technology. This vault is easy to install and programming is a breeze, especially considering this is a wall mount safe. This unit comes with a recessed door that opens at the touch of a finger, allowing access only to you and other people you have authorized. More than one fingerprint can be stored and verified. Fingerprints can also be deleted. This vault also has a back-up key entry.
Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe Review: Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Safe - Overall, the positive feedback on the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe is wonderful, and it is a highly recommended product. It is great for anyone that wants to lock away their firearm.
Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe Review: Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe - Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe uses 9V batteries and can store up to 30 fingerprints. The interior of this safe is also lined with foam to protect your firearms and other valuables from nicks, scratches, and heavy impact. The patented No-Eyes keypad and biometric pad make it easy for you to gain quick access, even in the dark. This safe also boasts of a high-strength lock mechanism. According to the manufacturer, even the toughest hand tools will have a hard time cracking this multi vault open, thanks to its precise fittings.
Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe Top Review: Gunvault GVB1000 Mini-Vault Biometric Gun Safe - Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe runs on 9V batteries and can store up to 30 fingerprints. It is also intuitive and updates slight changes that might occur over time to an enrolled fingerprint. The patented No-Eyes keypad and biometric pad make it easy to operate the safe, even in low-light conditions. According to the manufacturer, this safe has an improved high-strength lock mechanism. Tampering with it using hand tools won't be enough to pry open the door, thanks to its precise fittings. You can also be informed of invalid entry attempts with its tamper indicator feature.
Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review: Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe, Top Opening - The Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe has a fingerprint control with the capacity to store up to 30 users. With its pre-drilled holes, you can easily mount this safe into a shelf, the floor, or a counter top. Your valuables are guaranteed to be safe and secure, thanks to its 2 solid steel locking […] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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